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Worried about a child or adult at risk?


Concerns about the welfare or safety of a child or vulnerable adult should not be taken lightly. Whether you've witnessed suspicious behaviour, injuries, or have been confided in, it is imperative to report your concerns promptly to ensure the individual receives support and protection.

Our Club Welfare Officer serves as the first point of contact for any welfare issue. If you are unable to reach the Club Welfare Officer, please use the online reporting form which will go directly to them. Providing as much detail as possible in the report allows for proper follow-up.

You need not confirm your suspicions before reporting. Our safeguarding team is trained to handle concerns sensitively and discreetly. By making a report promptly, you enable early intervention which can prevent further harm. Although you may feel unsure, it's always better to report than to regret remaining silent. Your actions could protect someone at risk and get them the help they need.

Our safeguarding team and contacts

Safeguarding report form

Thanks for submitting, Our Welfare Officer or RLSS UK Safeguarding Lead will be in contact soon

Once submitted, unless the concern raised is about an DLSC volunteer / club member, the form will be reviewed and sent on to the designated safeguarding lead of the club where the concern has been raised. If the concern raised is about any of the people within these roles this form will be forwarded to the RLSS UK.

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