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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We are so excited to be welcoming you back the first session is only for our Lifeguards and Instructors this is so we can get everyone trained up, then we can get everything ready to welcome our members back on the 19th April.


- 19th April (CLUB MEMBERS)

to book your slot visit ( Instructors don't have to book)

please make sure you book your slot if you are struggling please contact us at or 07490959499 (Toby)

For us to be welcoming our members back we have had to make a lot of changes please view theses below.


Please be aware that these measures are being brought in by the club, RLSS UK and Active Tameside to keep everyone safe and to ensure that we can continue to provide for our local community, if you have any questions feel free to email .

With the current situation with have made so major adjustments to our sessions to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the RLSS UK has provided us with guidelines to follow when running our session. Please follow the COVID-19 Public health Advice to help prevent coronavirus during our sessions.

Before the sessions

  • Participants MUST have completed the membership form found here, please select the correct membership form.

Volunteers Membership:

  • Participants MUST have booked in via Wix App or our Website.

  • If Participant can’t book please contact Toby at

Phone: 07490959499

Attending the sessions

  • The current rules are that you must not travel outside of your area, therefore we are asking that only members that live within greater Manchester attend sessions. This applies to all members including adult volunteers and instructors.

  • You must not attend if you, a member of your family or bubble (including school) has tested positive

  • If self-isolating please do let us know as we like to know that everyone is ok, but please do follow the government guidance on self-isolation.

  • Candidates and Members should attend the club at a predetermined time and not before, to avoid the chance of contact time and contamination.

  • On entering the venue, please wear a face covering throughout the venue.” Active Tameside’s policy on face masks are:

“We kindly request that you wear a face mask whilst moving through our centres or spectating. The following exclusions apply:

· Children under the age of 11.

· People who are unable to, due to a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability.

· People who would be in severe distress when wearing a face covering.

· When speaking or assisting someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions.”

  • Adhere to Governments guidelines and stick to social distancing measures in place during the session.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided around poolside please use this frequently throughout the session.

  • Once you have entered the venue make your way to the Foyer where you can pay for the session, you will be asked for a contact number for track and trace.

Starting and Finishing times

· Session Start time is 08:00pm please arrive 5 minutes before and no later than session start time as you won’t be able to access the venue passed these times.

· Session Finish time is 09:30pm we ask all parents / guardians wait outside the venue.

Changing facilities and personal equipment

· Participants must arrive in their swim gear that they will be using for the session.

· Changing facilities will be available to use at end of the session this includes showers but only for a rinse.

· Active Medlock has assigned a cubical and a locker to a number please use the assigned number.

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