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- Droylsden Life Saving Club -

Regular Qualifications Ongoing Training / CPD

The lifeguarding profession demands an unwavering dedication to the protection and wellbeing of all aquatic patrons. To uphold this solemn duty, lifeguards must commit to a rigorous regimen of continual training and education to ensure their skills, knowledge, and judgment remain sharp. Ongoing training is the keystone that supports the integrity of the lifeguarding vocation.

Through regular sessions to refresh and advance their abilities, lifeguards renew the vital competencies needed to respond to any imaginable aquatic emergency with the utmost competence and care. Their skills in surveillance, rescue techniques, first aid, and CPR must be honed to a razor's edge, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice should an incident arise. Likewise, their knowledge of protocols, procedures, and best practices must remain fresh and applicable to the diverse situations they may encounter. Furthermore, judgment and experience are continually refined through training exercises that simulate high-stress aquatic emergencies.

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